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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Looking for Gifts Ideas. Look Here.

I like to introduce you to my brother Leroy Begay 
The Silver Smith." He is a Wonderful Artist. You can tell just by looking at his Work of Art. 

Here is a few items that he created:
Here is a "Bolo Tie" he created for someone in the Marine Corp.  I put two photos up so you can see his creations up close. The detail work is amazing.  I am not just saying this because he is my brother.                      

   This is a new creation of his. It is a  Concho Guitar Band Strap.

Looking for a gifts ideas for that one person.

Here isa picture of him.

There is also other jewelry he can create like necklaces, ring, bracelets, and more.  If you like to get  a handmade gift for that one special person  in your life or someone else. You will need to get a hold of my brother. Christmas is around the corner so if you like to order from him. Here is his information:

  Here is his website so you can see others "Work of Art."  CLICK HERE--> 


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