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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Treat Bags For Halloween

Treat Bags for Halloween.

                                                      Frankie Frankstein Front

                                                      Side of Frankie

                                                     Back of Frankie

                                                   Mummy Front

                                                    Back of the Mummy

                                                       Devil Front

                                                        Devil Back
                                             Scarecrow Front

                                              Back of the Scarecrow

                                              Front of Dracula.

                                              Back of Dracula

                                               Front of the Witch

                                                Back of the Witch

                                             Front of the Owl

                                              Back of the Owl

I been so busy sewing that, I been away from my scrapbooking and cardmaking for awhile. But I am back and getting ready for the Halloween. These are some treats container, I have been making  for my boys school.  I know it gets busy at this time of the year.  That I made extra to sell.  If you like one or more Contact me @  They are $4.00 per treat. Shipping and handling is included.  Thank you for stopping by.

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